About the Artist

Tim grew up in Westport, on the coast of Massachusetts.  He spent his middle and high school years in the Industrial and Liberal Arts programs where he first found his love of working with his hands and the arts.  He moved to Cape Cod in 1980 to attend the Community College, studying Hospitality Management, hoping to one day open a restaurant .  He found the classroom too confining and made his way to Bristol, R.I. where he took a job as a boat carpenter building boats. While in Rhode Island he helped build a boat with a friend and sailed it to Florida where he lived until 1986.  Through those years he continued to draw closer to the arts.  He was an accomplished photographer, musician and cook and honed those skills as he sailed and traveled around the country, his guitar and camera never left him in all his travels.  


Making his way back to New England in 1986 Tim settled into a career in the emerging computer industry.  He completed a BS degree in Business Information Systems from UMASS as the first graduating class in the major he helped develop.  He was influenced by the great thinkers of the time like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Michael Dell. He also found the time to form a Classic Rock\Folk band called, The "Turtleback Band" where he played guitar, harmonica and sang as the lead vocalist.  He also wrote and composed all of the original songs performed by the band. 


After Graduation Tim settled in Sandwich MA, He started a career as a Financial Planner and he opened his Financial Planning Practice in 1997; Sound Financial Strategies. He was the recipients of many awards during his career even being named the top new agent in the country by Allstate Financial in 2013.  During his years in Sandwich, Tim built two custom homes, raised three children and now has a grandson. Tim consistently served his adopted town of Sandwich as the first chairman and co-founder of the North Pole Express Christmas program, a program he led between 2005 and 2010. He also helped create the Holly Days Program alongside the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce; an organization he helped to found while serving as VP for three terms. Tim volunteered for many town committees and charitable events through his many years in Sandwich.

In 2015, Tim was diagnosed with a rare and painful nerve condition that forced him to retire from his financial planning practice.  This provided him time to focus on other creative projects including his company, Turtleback Limited.  Founded in 2013, the company was created to help bring awareness to the growing and persistent plastic problem, especially on the coast where he lives.  The company has many followers and continues to look for ways to engage in the efforts to help eliminate the plastic waste that is choking our streams, rivers and oceans. Turtleback Limited is involved with educating the many tourists who come to Cape Cod about what they can do to keep plastic off the beaches and the company provides alternative products and practices to do it. The sales of Tim's art help to provide funding to continue the Turtleback Mission.

Through all these experiences Tim has always looked for creative outlets.  The diversity of his life experiences shine through the diversity of his work.  From photography, to frame making, to painting, to bag design and production, to jewelry, furniture and music, Tim does not hesitate to create!  He likes to use materials he gathers from his searches at estate sales and other natural materials.  "There is so much material out there not being used and that is destined for the landfill; I typically don't have to go anywhere else for the materials I use", says Tim.  He rescues these materials and reinvents them.  The canvas bag collection he designed this summer was cut entirely from rescued canvas and cloth.  The jewelry he makes is from abandoned silverware and the paints he uses are reclaimed from other artists; even the wood he cuts into frames is entirely from exotic woods he finds.

Tim hopes, through his art and music, that he can encourage and influence positive and lasting change and inspire others to use their creative powers to do the same.  

The Works of Tim Cooney