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The Meaning of the Turtle; to Ancient Cultures and to Turtleback, LTD.


We chose Turtles as our brand’s focus because of what they represent. To us at Turtleback, a turtle is a symbol, a recognizable and feel good image. Our Logo features three turtles swimming through space with the Earth on their backs. Turtles can mean many different things to many different people. They are engaging, and they evoke positive emotions and thoughts. They have the patience, persistence and perseverance to travel thousands of miles to lay their eggs only to return the thousands of miles to where they started their journey. To us, they represent the Earth, Sea, and the Sky, the three basic elements that give us all life. They also represent the nature of our Mind, Body, Spirit and the three emotions that make us human which is Faith, Hope and Love. Perhaps more than anything else they represent the attributes of the human condition we most want to celebrate and need more now than ever in these challenging times. Here are a few examples of what the turtle has represented to ancient cultures: North America: In Native American folklore, the continent of America is referred to as “Turtle Island." They believed that the weight of the continent was carried on a turtle’s back. China: In Chinese mythology, the turtle is the only living sacred animal. It is considered a symbol of wisdom, longevity, and wealth. They also believed that the shell of a turtle has markings of heaven, earth and the universe. They even used turtle shells at ceremonies to predict the future. India: In Hinduism, the turtle is believed to be the second incarnation of the god Vishnu. After a great flood, Vishnu turned himself into a turtle. He carried on his back a vessel containing all the elements that were needed to re-create the earth. The ancient cultures revered the turtle as a creature they hoped to emulate. They looked up to their calm and gentle nature, their persistence and patience, and their determination and longevity. There are countless stories and legends that can be found going back to the beginning of time that honor the role of the turtle. If we are going to change the future and continue as stewards of this planet then we will need to commit to a patient and persistent path back to a sustainable lifestyle. Do your part to make a difference, become the Power of One and join us in our mission.

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