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3 Non-profit Organizations Making a Change on Cape Cod

A part of our mission here at Turtleback Ltd. is to partner with and help environmental organizations that are already doing great work. Also, since our slogans aim to create awareness, we would like to use our website as a place where people can learn about these organizations, what they do, and how they help. Here are 3 Non-profit organizations doing great work on Cape Cod.


The National Marine Life Center The NMLC is a rehabilitation and release hospital that provides treatment for sea turtles and seals. With the help of the general public, a big part of their mission is to educate and inform communities about the importance of animals within their environment as well as their health needs. Visit them at


Wild Care Cape Cod Wild Care’s mission is to treat injured, ill and orphaned native wildlife, and to educate through public education and the community about volunteering. They represent over 275 species of native birds, mammals, and reptiles. Learn more at


Center for Coastal Studies Located in Provincetown, The Center for Coastal Studies mission is to “understand and protect our coastal environment and marine ecosystems.” They conduct research on marine life around the Cape. They also hold events and have programs where the public can get involved. See more at

We encourage Cape Cod natives and visitors to take a look at the work these organizations are doing. All it takes is the power of one person, making one choice to change one thing in a positive way in support of our physical and social environments. One person at a time making these choices can and will make a difference.

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