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The future begins now!

Here are several pictures of my son Grant standing next to the newly installed Tesla charging station that was just erected overlooking the Cape Cod Canal. Ironically the Canal just celebrated it's 100 year anniversary. It's ironic because the canal is also the site of the Apucxet Trading Post. This site is considered to be the first place that commerce began in the New World between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Tribe of Mashpee. These original entrepreneurs demonstrated a willingness to take risk and move beyond the conventional wisdom of their time. Just as the Canal was an engineering marvel in its day it also played a major role in saving billions of gallons of fuel and shipping costs as it helped usher in a new era of prosperity for millions of people up and down the coast. We must demonstrate the same willingness to think differently as those original entrepreneurs and engineers. The commerce that moves between us in the form of goods and services is also the source of the carbon loading that is killing us slowly. One action by one person may seem like a small gesture toward changing the course of global warming but together it can have a profound effect on the future just as the first encounter between the traders at Apucxet did centuries ago.


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