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There’s a reason, several actually, we chose the tagline “Quality Apparel That Makes You Think.”  First off, our products are in fact, quality apparel; comfy tees and well-made accessories emblazoned with our logo of a swimming sea turtle.  But there’s more to Turtleback Limited than t-shirts and beach bags.
Founded in 2013 by Financial Planner, Entrepreneur, musician and artist Tim Cooney, Turtleback Limited is committed to the advocacy for the physical and social world we all live in and will pass on to future generations.
If we want our planet to heal and thrive now and for future generations, we need to act thoughtfully in our daily lives; do an unexpected favor for a neighbor, pick up that discarded water bottle as you’re walking off the beach, eat a plant-based diet, bring your own bags when shopping, buy and use sustainable alternatives and refuse plastic single use packaging and plastics.  We all have buying power, how you spend your dollars is actually casting a vote on what you want to see on the shelves.  This power can change the world, that is YOUR power and collectively that power can create waves of positive change for each other and the world.
Turtleback and our customers have a passion and a vision for a better world.  By adding thought-provoking phrases to our t-shirts and gear we want to make protecting our environment part of an ongoing, daily conversation.  It’s this commitment that makes Turtleback Limited something more than just another apparel and merchandise company.   We’re on a mission, a journey, and we would like you to join us in making real change that will make a real difference to the future quality of life for those that will come after us.
When it comes to environmental conservation efforts we do more than talk, we also give.  By donating 10% of our profit to the National Marine Life Center in Bourne, Massachusetts, Turtleback Limited and those who join in our mission, are making a commitment to influence real change.  When you purchase merchandise from Turtleback Limited, you are making a statement: you are shouting out that you stand for something bigger than yourself.  
The Iroquois Nation believed the Earth was created on the back of a giant sea turtle.  According to ancient lore: they and the indigenous peoples of North America and beyond, believed in the Earth as mother, a spiritual being, who gave them life and deserved their respect and love.   We couldn’t agree more.
By offering products with phrases like “There Is No Planet B” and “The Power of One”, our company and our Turtle-Backer's show the world that we are making an ongoing effort to live in a mindful and sustainable way which will protect our delicate physical and social environments.  
We’re a small company but we’re a passionate group who feel that the actions of individuals can, in time, lead to global positive changes in our environment.  The damage to our environment didn’t happen overnight and it won’t be fixed by tomorrow.  The changes will happen slowly, at a turtle’s pace.  We have the patience and the persistence, will you help us persevere?  We believe that you do, so please join us.
“It’s All About the Journey”…so jump on and enjoy the ride.

If every drop in the ocean said "I am just a drop", there would be no ocean.

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